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Prof. (Dr.) Minikutty A., Professor & Head of the Department
Ph: 0473 4216911, 9497637080, Email: drminihari@yahoo.com

Prof. (Dr.) Jaya Jaise, Professor
Ph: 0481 2591264, 9447662134, Email: jayajaise@gmail.com

Prof. (Dr.) Asha J. V., Professor & Dean, Faculty of Education
Ph: 9447043489, Email: ashajv3@gmail.com

Dr. Sajna Jaleel, Associate Professor
Ph: 0471 2373194, 9400573194, Email: sajnajaleel@yahoo.co.in

Dr. Ismail Thamarasseri, Assistant Professor
Ph: 9446154254, Email: ismailktkl@gmail.com, ismail@mgu.ac.in

Dr. Muhammed K. V., Assistant Professor
Ph: 9847585258, Email: mohammedoasis@gmail.com

Dr. Sibu G. Netto, Assistant Professor
Ph: 04742743232, 9447459567, 9013900504, Email: sibugnetto@mgu.ac.in

Dr. Smitha S, Assistant Professor
Ph: 9995283505, Email: smithakailas2@gmail.com