Saturday, September 30, 2023
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  • Research Consultancy: The Faculty of the School provides research consultancy services for teacher empowerment. Thy serve as resource persons to universities and educational Institutions. Number of consultancy assignments undertaken during 2019 – 2020 are given below:
Sl.No. Name of the Faculty Details of the consultancy  Client
1 Prof (Dr) Asha J V
  • Participated as subject expert in Consolidation of research studies
  • Expert in the workshop for Higher Secondary Adaptation -English
  • Expert in Workshop for Pre School Policy Document-Finalization
  • Expert in the workshop for Technical Dictionary Psychology
  • Expert in Consultation Meeting of Pre Primary Curriculum Policy
  • Expert in the workshop for coordinating views of various agencies on School Quality Education Index
SCERT, Kerala
2 Prof (Dr) Asha J V Expert for selection of Best practices in Teacher Education IUCTE, RIE, Mysore
3 Prof (Dr) Asha J V Expert in Evaluation of STEAM Package DIET Kottayam
5 Prof (Dr) Asha J V Expert for tool Validation DIET Attingal
10 Dr. Ismail Thamarasseri Test items & its Concept Tree Creation in the Field of Pedagogic Studies Tata Consultancy Services
11 Dr. Muhammed K. V.
  • Technical consultant for international Online Lecture Series on International Relations in the 21st century
  • Technical consultant of the International Webinar on Migrants and Displaced Persons Amid Covid-19-Issues, Challenges and policy Options
School of International Relations and Politics, MG University


  • Collaborations: The School also collaborates with a large network of Universities, the state Council for Education, Research and Training (SCERT), University Colleges of Teacher Education (IASE’s) State Institute of Educational Management and Training (SIEMAT), District Institutes of Education and Training (DIETs), as well as local schools.